Tuesday, November 16, 2010


hah! hospital seremban climb in 58seconds. beat that.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Five Reasons to Die by Friday

1.) i have to prepare a slideshow for the Integrated Medical Seminar
2.) i have to prepare two case summaries and one case report
3.) i have to repair my research questionaire
4.) i have to cover the ward 'cos DK's ward is... well, DK's ward la
5.) i have not done any of those

goodbye cruel world! sob sob sob. haha.....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some Pictures From A Different Life

gah! another long weekend at seremban. didn't wanna go back. had a drinking party. puked. stupid rufah. soooooooo petty about the 4 Kings rules. kept on sinking shots into my cup when i got drunk and started running my mouth in violation of those rules. gah. so puked la. but anyway. productive weekend. (so me thinks.)

here are some pics from our seremban life:

ms Kow there suddenly found a very interesting pebble

me and mrs Ash singing lady gaga for howai's birthday

yilin's birthday dinner. celebrated at serembans premier eatery! (snicker, snicker)

dancing!!! ohno! haha...

my housemates! L-R: me, lipjeen, feibing and the boss, howai! =)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ears (and Good Taste in Music) Don't Lie

see, it started like this, one of the year's most anticipated album was going to be released. and i being a malaysian, did what we do best. i bought it from our friendly neighbourhood pirateman. it was chinese democracy by Guns 'n Roses.

i had their greatest hits album but didn't listen to it too much lar, so there's plenty of songs i didn't know, but oh hell, it's GnR man! so i bought that damn CD.

wah, it sucked man. i mean horrid.

then this evening i was busy churning out reports for the internal medicine posting. then there was this GnR song on my itunes shuffle.

"hey! not bad!" thought i. this new song: quite nice arh. maybe i should give them a chance.

nope! turned out to be 'Civil War' released in 1990. not by the new GnR with only the dopey Axl Rose left from the original lineup.

see! sometimes music these days really don't stand no chance sia.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh, Ming Wai~

mingwai! we gotta kill each other one of these days.

Just the Surface

ya well, i may not be very photogenic. sometimes i think that cameras are better left at home.

went to the beach today after our last posting at the Port Dickson hospital (loved that place, bee-tee-dabalew).

geng yi, who i've taken to calling 3G brought his really nice camera. was very thankful to have a few pictures of our 'lil seaside escapade, but, like i said sometimes cameras are better left at home.

it's like... i dunno man. like missing the point completely.

beach is:

trees (was it casurinas or something?)
slacking together, telling stories
old memories from childhood
sampah merata-rata
and maybe the odd crab or two

you know you've missed the point when you say, "yeah we went to the beach! took lots of photos man!!! oh yeah, and also, it was quite nice"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


gah, i didn't go to class today coz i woke up with a throat feeling like i just swallowed a mouthful of ground glass.

gah. sorethroat sucks. don't sing so much lorh.


lol, i just watched supersize me...

and i really feel like eating a big mac!


haiz, into yet another week of Internal Medicine. hey look! there it is! (peers into the distance) depressive moods to colour my day, right on schedule.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The Post About This and That... oh, and also THAT.

whoah! it's been a really really long time since i've updated my blog. gahz! actually, the blog is not the only site i've been neglecting.

i just logged into faceboob today, the first time since i've got to seremban. and i've been here for a month and a half already.

so! how have i been? well, for starters... i have... CURED MY WARTS!!!! tadah!

seriously, if you've got to go for cryotherapy, that is getting shot at with a fine stream of liquid nitrogen, you'd be cheering too. okay, uncomfortable stuff out of the way! on with real updates.

i'm staying at seremban 3. that's like a housing development that is quite deserted. staying with Koo Ho Wai (the boss), Young Fei Big (big) and MOAO (my one and only). it's been a great, dynamic house-sharing time so far. we take turns to clean up, cook, wash up, etc etc... so, no fights or such, or no argueing over how much rent to pay.

i must say that i'm pretty proud of us. coz all our parents just abandoned the decission-making process to us, and trusted us. so we sought out the house (well, howai did this bit), asked for renovations on our own, negotiated the rent on our own (howai too), applied for streamyx on our own, came up with divisions of the rent and utilities bills on our own, and so on and so forth la.

no parents to tell you this or that! feels great man. feels like growing up. feel adult. for real. now i realise why the CEOs get paid so highly. the task of making decissions is never easy.

anyway, living in seremban is fun larh. but going to uni for class isn't. we spend about as much time in the hospital wards as the uni itself.

it's a blessing that we only do our wardwork and clerking in the mornings until lunchtime, because the place is a sauna in the afternoon.

we have case presentations, where we stand around the patient that we are discussing, then we get questions addressed (or shouted) at us. aiyah, but i think i deserve the scolding la. i somehow cannot think properly in the mornings, especially under such pressure, i find. haiya! some lecturers are quite strict la, but some are very understanding. whatever la. life's like this.

i miss all my friends la!

gah, it was teik zhen's birthday on the fourth! and i messaged him la. haha.brought back all the pleasant memories la. then i replied to mervin's wall tag. how i wish i were back in Catholic Junior College Hostel, or back in Victoria Hall and Victoria Junior College, or back working at Jobstreet and BASF. or back at IMU bukit jalil. haha.

fun times la. how long since i've heard from ET man? or written a reply to ngee zheng? called yeekiat a chibai? given a call to qadir or shi yuan (the chi ko peh)? or talked to seng chye and kelvin? jankee!? merv? brain, chongbing and kwan are busy collecting placentas or something more disgusting than that (like eating them). sanjeet's probably getting cosy with his gay manager at dome. haha.

i guess for me that's how i define my friends. if i can think back about all the rubbish we've done and still smile, then you're a friend la. simple right?

of course, not forgetting family! and lipjeen, who is in between family and friend, but somehow just as precious.

anyway, letting you all know i'm fine! thanks for reading (if you guys still are)

and oh!!! go listen to Kings of Leon!!! they freaking rocks-a-logy awesome man. i think seng would cringe at their music, but oh well, he listens to tibetian music being the llama that he is, so ignore his protests.

(ignore the visuals, just listen okay)

the new u2 album is no good, the new franz ferdinand album sounds the same, i still don't like take that (goody-goody manband) no matter what my mom says, the killers' day and age album is boring, the cure is oddly interesting especially since they have a double cd greatest hits release in which the whole 2nd disc is an acoustic reflection of their hits on disc 1. the very best of mtv unplugged discs 1, 2, and 3 are full of awesome songs. a must download! (oops, i mean must buy)

haha... okay, that's my twocentsworth. but since it's the internet, it's free. tahz!

PS. oh, and go check out neil gaiman's The Graveyard Book. =)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can't Sleep

... sighz.....